Lemon Pepper Caesar

Jul 27, 2023Aeran Schmid



Pour some of the Lemon Pepper Seasoning onto a saucer or a caesar rimmer. Grab a 9 – 10 oz glass and moisten the rim. Dip the rim into the Lemon Pepper Seasoning. Add the ice cubes to your glass and pour in the vodka (optional). Add the drops of Worcestershire Sauce and hot sauce. For a little extra heat, add more drops of the hot sauce.
Pour the clamato juice into the glass and fill so it is just below the rim. Sprinkle a little more Lemon Pepper Seasoning in for flavour (optional). Garnish with the pickled asparagus and add the lemon wedge to the rim of the glass. Now you are ready for sips! Enjoy!

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