The Splendor Garden Story

Splendor Garden was started in 2012 after Colleen Haussecker had been through a life-changing battle with breast cancer. She realized her passion – to provide food that is healthy, nutritious and that tastes good. She started her business with organic spices and herbs to add antioxidants and extra nutrition to meals, without relying on salt, sugar, or fat for flavour.

“After my journey through breast cancer and my quest to become healthier, I realized there was a need for a full organic line of spices, herbs, and seasoning blends”

Being a female entrepreneur can be tough, but Colleen knew people should have the option to buy organic spices and herbs. She laughs when she remembers what her grandma’s spice cupboard looked liked “There were handwritten labels on scraps of paper taped to the bottles and tins”. Colleen thought it would be a unique touch to add re-adhesive labels on the Splendor Garden spice bags to use for your refillable spice containers.  The interest in organic spices and herbs has taken off and Colleen and the Splendor Garden team are excited to be offering even more food options for organic and gluten free customers.

Why choose us?

You vote with your dollars.  When you buy our products, you are investing in a company that is committed to bringing you organic foods of the highest quality.  We believe organic products are better for people and the planet.  The quality of our products can be tasted, as they are incredibly pungent and aromatic.  Using a higher quality product means you can use less of it to achieve the desired flavour. 

Choose Canadian

When you use your dollars to buy Splendor Garden products you are supporting the local Canadian economy and jobs for Canadians.  Canada is a country that has rigorous food safety regulations and high organic standards.  We are proud to call ourselves Canadian because our culture values how food is produced and how it effects the environment.

Small town support

We support small towns.  Our head office is located in the small community of Watson, Saskatchewan.  Many small communities all over the world are struggling as we experience centralization.  People are migrating to large centres causing small towns to shrink and disappear.  As cities experience rapid grow their inhabitants face many challenges such as: lack of affordable housing, inadequate infrastructure, or pollution.  By providing local jobs we are offering employment opportunities for people to stay in small towns.  Arthur Morgan was right when he wrote “the community really is the seed bed of society” and we believe we are doing our part in supporting the Canadian economy and small towns.

Giving back

Can you envision a world without hunger?  We believe it’s possible.  In 2017, we started the Splendor Against Hunger Initiative.  As part of our Community Social Sustainability Plan we decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from every product sold to help feed people.  In 2017 we started donating to local Canadian food banks.

The environment

By supporting organic farmers, we are reducing our environmental footprint and supporting sustainable food production.  To assist in keeping our environment free of waste, we include a re-adhesive name label on our small bulk spice packages for you to label your reusable containers.  This ensures you do not need to purchase a new bottle every time you want to restock your spice collection!

Why choose organic?

Organic agriculture supports sustainable agriculture by focusing on the health of the soil. Organic practices keep the soil microbes fed and happy and do not rely on synthetic chemicals. Organic fertilizers are better held in the soil and will not leach into water systems this prevents pollution of our rivers and streams. Healthy soils create healthy food to fuel healthy bodies.

What does organic mean?

Organic farming means farmers grow food under a specific set of standards that are regulated by the country of origin. These standards outline how food is produced. Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. Pesticides are chemicals that can be used to control weeds (herbicides), bugs (insecticides), or disease of crops (fungicides). Organic farmers cannot use synthetic fertilizers, which are nutrients manufactured from minerals, gases, or waste products. However organic farmers can use organic fertilizers such as compost or mined phosphate rock.  All organic farmers must go through a certification process and have audits to confirm their practices align with organic standards.
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