Avocado, Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Jul 27, 2023Aeran Schmid

Lately, I've been using a ton of avocado in my meals...I love avocado! And I created this simple, easy and oh so delicious Avocado, Tomato & Cucumber salad . All of the ingredients have their own natural flavors, fresh, readily available and chocked full of nutrients.



Dice the avocado and cucumbers into small cubes and cut the tomatoes into halves. Put the cut veggies into a large salad bowl. Chop the green onion and cut the fresh parsley, finally adding them to the veggie mix.

Drizzle the olive oil onto the veggies with a dash of salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything together and enjoy as a side dish or by itself!  Light and tasty!

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