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This is Colleen Haussecker, the owner of CANADIAN ORGANIC Spice & Herb Co. I am delighted to tell you about our Splendor Garden retail brand of Organic Spices, Herbs, and Seasoning blends.

Benefits of supporting the Splendor Garden Organic Retail Brand:


You will be delighted when you try our spices and herbs, they are so pungent and aromatic—like nothing you have experienced before! We are delighted to serve your needs for quality ingredients with the finest organic herbs, spices, vegetables, and flavors on earth.

We are able to offer you a superior product for every step in the supply line—growing to processing is controlled first hand by our supplier. To ensure that quality always comes first, our supplier partners with growers that produce bulk organic herbs and spices to their exacting specifications. The elite network of growers are recognized not only for their quality, but also for their consistency.
NO chemicals or synthetic fertilizers: our organic growers use only natural, non-gmo products.


Our intent is to market the product line so that your consumer not only purchases it for their own use but also for gifting and to use as basket and stocking stuffers.


Your customers will appreciate the less packaging approach, thus smaller footprint. Splendor Garden has a unique approach in that we package our retail brand in a zip-lock bag with an adhesive name label (found on back of each package) This adhesive label can be used to label a refillable spice container. We will supply you with a spice tin to resell to your consumer. These spice tins can be displayed on the stand holding the Splendor Garden retail brand of organic spices and herbs.


Short on shelf space? CANADIAN ORGANIC Spice & Herb Co. has a display stand to display the Splendor Garden retail brand of spices and herbs. (Display stand is 24" wide and 20" deep.) All the product hangs on this stand and there is a small shelf for the spice tins.

We also have a small tear out display box if displaying on the shelf. The small tear out display case is 4" wide so to display the entire line you would need 4 shelves 4' wide. The bag itself is 3.75" x 5.5" with a zip-lock and a hang hole.


Spices and Herbs are GLUTEN and NUT FREE and the Splendor Garden retail brand is packaged in a GLUTEN and NUT FREE facility (this statement appears on the back label).


CANADIAN ORGANIC Guarantee!! CANADIAN ORGANIC Spice & Herb Co. guarantees your satisfaction in regards to product quality and customer service. We will take care of you! Try the Splendor Garden retail brand of Organic Spices, Herbs and Seasoning blends.

We have put together a starter order made up of 6 units of each product, this gives you an opportunity to try the line without initially stocking as much product.

The starter order comes with either the retail display stand or the display boxes and 2 dozen spice tins.


Okay, I'm interested. What do I do?

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Thank you for your interest in the Splendor Garden retail brand of Organic Spices, Herbs, and Seasoning Blends.

Colleen Haussecker