Turmeric – Recipe Recommendation

Golden Tumeric Zucchini Fritters | ModernGranola

From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this delicious recipe shared via ModernGranola.com for you to try using our Splendor Garden organic turmeric powder.

Golden-Turmeric-Zucchini-Fritters-from Modern Granola

Turmeric is all the rage lately and the current golden child of the spice world.  Its consumption is on the rise as more people discover Turmeric’s many health benefits.  It is most popular as a staple in Indian curries, but it is also used to make teas, smoothies, soups, and roasted vegetables.  This zucchini fritters recipe, from the Modern Granola blog, offers a tasty and easy option to cook with turmeric powder.  We couldn’t agree more with Modern Granola’s summary of this dish, that is -“Crisp and golden on the outside, soft and moist and delicious on the inside…the mix of turmeric, cumin, and red pepper flakes spike the fritters with exotic flavor, while the egg and bean sprouts create an irresistible fluffiness that will beg you to go in for another bite.” Click on image for the recipe.

Image and recipe from ModernGranola.com

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