Are Organic spices worth it?

You might have heard of the Dirty Dozen or sometimes buy the organic eggs from the grocery store, but what about when you are in the spice aisle? Organic spices are touted as being more pungent and having more flavour, but one of the most compelling reasons to choose organic […]

Baked Bartlett Pears

Bring together the delicious flavours of  pear, cinnamon with the freshness of the lemon with this delicious baked fruit recipe.  Ingredients 4 Bartlett pears, ripe but firm 3 tablespoons of agave nectar (or ¼ cup of brown sugar) 1/4 cup honey Zest and juice from one lemon 1/8 teaspoon Splendor […]

All about GARLIC

Happy National Garlic Day! Seeing as today is National Garlic Day and we wanted to take a moment and tell you all about it! Here is a great read on Medical News Today‘s website, writen by Christian Nordqvist and reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD .  Christian talks about the benefits […]

What are the benefits of oregano?

Medical News Today | Joseph Nordqvist & Natalie Butler. RD.LD Medical News Today published an interesting article on the benefits of oregano. It was written by Joseph Nordqvist and reviewed by Natalie Butler. Joseph mentioned that this herb was used as herbal medicine as far back as the ancient greeks. […]

Vegetarian Oat Burger

Vegetarian or not, increasing fruits and vegetables in your diets has shown to have a positive impact on your health. . We’ve created a delicious and healthy Vegetarian Oat Burger. It’s full of amazing spices and flavour that we think you’ll love! Ingredients:1 cup Splendor Garden Thick Rolled Oats1 cup […]

Mixed Vegetable Masala

Try this great vegetarian recipe using Garam Masala.   #splendorgarden #deliciouslyspicier #tasteslikemore #organic#garammasala Recipe from Vegetarian Times…/mixed-vegetable-masala

Sweet Mustard Baked Chicken

Here is a simple delicious chicken recipe worth adding to your favorites. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Try it with our Brown Mustard Seed. Sweet Mustard Baked Chicken The sheer simplicity and deliciousness of this meal makes this sweet mustard baked chicken worth making. Then the flavor makes it worth making again and […]

Cayenne Pepper – Recipe Recommendation

Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bars | VeganFamilyRecipes From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this tasty recipe shared via for you to try with our organic Cayenne Pepper. Reach for these Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bars when you crave a healthy and spicy snack! The easy recipe combines […]

Cayenne Pepper – Recipe Recommendation

Redeeming Green Soup with Lemon and Cayenne | CookieAndKate From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this tasty recipe shared via for you to try with our organic Cayenne Pepper. You may know that kale is better for you cooked, versus raw, along with a variety […]

New Year Special! Organic Spices for a Healthier You.

Usher in a healthy New Year with 4 organic super spices! If you’ve resolved to cook, eat and be healthier in 2016, then round out your healthy outlook by adding organic spices to your worthy resolution! Organic spices are not only more flavourful, natural, higher quality and cleaner; they also […]