Did you know – Cinnamon Ground

Did you know cinnamon can be used for more than cooking? According to the people at The Huffington Post cinnamon is a great product for cosmetic uses. ‪#‎nautralcosmetic‬ ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎cinnamon‬ 5 Surprising Uses For Cinnamon This isn’t some “gotcha” moment to lure you into a risky cinnamon challenge. After spending […]

Garam Masala – Did you know?

Garam Masala – Did you know? Tourism Tattler (PTY) LTD​ has an interesting article about the history of Garam Masala. The Hindi garam – meaning “hot” – and masala – meaning “mixture” – is a blend of fragrant spices. Garam does not refer to the spiciness of the blend, but […]