What are the benefits of oregano?

Medical News Today | Joseph Nordqvist & Natalie Butler. RD.LD Medical News Today published an interesting article on the benefits of oregano. It was written by Joseph Nordqvist and reviewed by Natalie Butler. Joseph mentioned that this herb was used as herbal medicine as far back as the ancient greeks. […]

Did you know – Garlic Salt

Did you know – Garlic Salt LIVESTRONG states you can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol by using garlic salt. ‪#‎organicgarlicsalt‬ ‪#‎lesssalt‬ ‪#‎lowerbloodpressure‬ Health Benefits of Garlic Salt | LIVESTRONG.COM Garlic, the bulb taken from the root of the garlic plant, is a common medicinal supplement and a flavor enhancer in […]