Whole Grain for Health

Grains have gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, but there are many reasons to be choosing the whole grain for your health! Grains where designed by nature to be consumed whole for several reasons. The whole grain contains the bran, germ, and endosperm. Each layer is important and […]

Pumpkin Bread Rolls with Cinnamon Butter

Looking for a dessert for thanksgiving that is sure to impress your guests with your creativity skills? Here is an appetizing dessert fit for fall. Use the Splendor Garden Organic Ground Cinnamon. Personally I just think they are so cute. #deliciouslyspicier Handle the Heat https://www.handletheheat.com/pumpkin-bread-rolls-cinnamon…/ https://splendorgarden.com/product/cinnamon/

Cinnamon Butter Carrots

With thanksgiving around the corner some of you may be looking for new recipes to try for the holiday season, why not try this Cinnamon Butter Carrot recipe using the Splendor Garden Organic Cinnamon. #deliciouslyspicierPopSugar https://splendorgarden.com/product/cinnamon/ https://www.popsugar.com/…/Cinnamon-Butter-Baked-Carrot-Rec… POPSUGAR.COM A Simple Veggie Dish That Will Steal the Show This Thanksgiving POPSUGAR is […]

9 Cinnamon Tea Recipes

Looking for a new way to spice up your tea, why not try it with our ceylon cinnamon? Here are some different tea recipes using cinnamon #deliciouslyspicier Bembu https://splendorgarden.com/product/ceylon-true-cinnamon/ 9 Cinnamon Tea Recipes to Help the Body Heal Itself Cinnamon tea is a convenient way to get a spice that has been […]

Facts about Cinnamon

Here is some interesting information about Cinnamon that I wanted to share with all of you. #deliciouslyspicier Organic Lifestyle Magazine https://splendorgarden.com/product/ceylon-true-cinnamon/ http://www.organiclifestylemagazine.com/cinnamon-ceylon-vs-… Cinnamon – Ceylon Vs Cassia, Health Benefits, and Other Interesting Facts Cinnamon comes from the bark of evergreen trees of the genus cinnamomum. When cinnamon is harvested, the bark is […]

Cayenne Cinnamon Ribs with Maple Glaze

Finger Lickin’ good! That is the best way to describe these ribs from Steamy Kitchen. So simple, yet so tasty. Cayenne Cinnamon Ribs with Maple Glaze – Steamy Kitchen Recipes Sticky, sweet, salty, spicy ribs that are so crazy simple to make (the only cooking equipment you need is tin […]

Apple with Cinnamon

Sometime simple is the way to go and this apples and cinnamon recipe from AleppoFood.com will nor disappoint. Add a dollop if ice cream for a perfect desert! Apple With Cinnamon Recipe | AleppoFood Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil. 2 tablespoons butter. 2 apples, peeled and seedless. 1 tablespoon brown […]

Slow Cooker Hearty BBQ Pork – Recipe Recommendation

  Ooey Gooey BBQ Pork Sandwiches are the epitome of summer. Sitting around a picnic table with the ones you love on a hot summer evening with two hands wrapped around a bun, juice dripping down your arms…YES! Summer is here! Throw this in a slow-cooker and head to the beach! […]

Ceylon Cinnamon – Recipe Recommendation

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bun Cake | PoetInThePantry From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this tasty recipe shared via poetinthepantry.com for you to try with our organic Ceylon True Cinnamon. This twist, literally, on a classic cinnamon bun recipe, is highly recommended and is from Carrie of […]

Ceylon Cinnamon – Recipe Recommendation

Pot Roast With Persian Spices On Fingerling Potatoes | TheSpicedLife From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this tasty recipe shared via thespicedlife.com for you to try with our organic Ceylong True Cinnamon. Spice up your next Sunday dinner with a Pot Roast using a Persian spice […]