Oregano – Recipe Recommendation

Shrimp and Chicken Pozolé Verde | TheCafeSucreFarine

From our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to feature this tasty recipe shared via thecafesucrefarine.com for you to try with our organic Oregano.


You’ll find this Pozolé hard to resist.  It’s considered a light Mexican soup/stew, but packed with amazing flavours. Chicken breasts, hominey, tomatillos, shrimp, poblano chiles, cilantro, sweet corn, and dried oregano are some of the key ingredients that bring this dish to life.  Sliced avocados, pumpkin seeds, and radishes are must-have garnishes for this tasty dish.  The Shrimp and Chicken Pozolé Verde recipe is from Chris of The Cafe Sucre Farine blog. Click on image for Chris’s recipe!

Image and recipe credit: thecafesucrefarine.com

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