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I remember meeting Val at an industry event. Well dressed, just like most french women I know, she has a classy modern style. I was finally meeting the face of Gravelbourg Mustard! The maker of my favorite gourmet mustard the Cranberry Mustard, which had been the answer to my prayers for many years when it came to gift giving. My father was impossible to buy for. You know the people who seriously need or want nothing? Well apparently he had a strong fondness for flavoured mustard.



Gravelbourg Mustard was born in the small community of Gravelbourg in Southern Saskatchewan. This really was mustard country. Mustard is a drought compatible crop especially in comparison to crops like canola or oats. Gravelbourg is a beautiful community with so much history and pride. It hosts an annual play performed by locals in a restored movie theater built in 30’s . The community is filled with gorgeous brick houses that were built from bricks made in at the Claybank Brick Plant.

Click the link below to watch an aerial view of the Claybank Brick Plant done by High Altitude Aerial Photography.

Claybank Saskatchewan

It was my privilege and honour to film this beautiful historical site!This one is dedicated to all the workers and the many Airsoft Players that know "Claybank" all too well!Enjoy!! Tim

Posted by High Altitude Aerial Photography on Saturday, March 4, 2017

The town also features the Our Lady of Assumption CO-Cathedral Church which would not be out of place in Europe with its painted ceilings.


Canada is a huge producer of mustard and especially our farmers here in Saskatchewan.  Take a look at some interesting facts about Canada’s Mustard supply from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


For ideas of how to use more mustard in your cooking check out recipes here.

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