Gingerbread House Traditions

Nothing says Christmas like a homemade Gingerbread House!

As a kid, I always loved the tradition of making our gingerbread houses the morning of Christmas day.  Of course, my grandma had everything made and ready for us so all we had to do was construct our gingerbread mansions and decorate them to match our imaginations.

This year, make it your family's holiday tradition.  Here you can find The Flavor Bender's recipe for making the gingerbread as well as a simple template for constructing the house.  Click here to access the gingerbread recipe.

The Flavor Bender gives tips on how to decorate your house but be creative.  Use pretzels for fences posts, gumdrops for Christmas lights, candy canes as light posts, and the list goes on!  Be creative and have fun!

Here is a printable Gingerbread House template supplied by The Flavor Bender or feel free to create your own template or find other amazing blueprints online.

Click here for the printable version.



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