Herbs De Provence; A French Tradition

Herbes de Provence is a fragrant mixture of dried herbs typical of southern French cooking. Exact recipes vary, but thyme, savory, rosemary and an aniseed-scented herb such as fennel or tarragon are typical ingredients. Marjoram or basil may also be included in the mixture. Splendor Garden Organic Herbs De Provence ‘Salt Free’ includes Basil, Fennel Seed, […]

Organic Black Pepper Ground – The King of Spice!

Organic Black Pepper Ground Often referred as “king of spice”, black pepper has been an incredibly popular spice since ancient times. Peppercorn is native to the tropical evergreen rain forest of South Indian state, Kerala, from where it spread to rest of the world through Indian and Arab traders. Pepper fruit, also […]

Splendor Garden Herb & Spice Features

Did you know that each package of Splendor Garden brand spices, herbs and seasonings has a resealable sticker on the back that can be used to label one of our refillable containers or a favorite of your own? It’s super handy when keeping your herbs and spices fresher, longer. Simply peel the […]

Health Benefits of Parsley

Using herbs and spices like parsley in cooking is a great way to boost the flavor and look of a dish without adding sodium, but also a way to provide additional nutrients and health benefits at the same time. Though traditionally overlooked as just a garnish, parsley is a giant amongst […]

Salmon Seasoning – Did You Know?

We love this article by Annie Hauser at Everyday Health. It explains the many benefits of eating fish twice a week. And if you weren’t sold on “heart health boosting, waist slimming” properties, adding our Salmon Seasoning to your next catch will surely change you mind. The delicious ingredients include […]