Gingerbread House Traditions

Nothing says Christmas like a homemade Gingerbread House! As a kid, I always loved the tradition of making our gingerbread houses the morning of Christmas day.  Of course, my grandma had everything made and ready for us so all we had to do was construct our gingerbread mansions and decorate […]

Using Sage in the Kitchen

Sage is an amazing herb! You need this pungent minty and musky herb in your culinary arsenal. Sage is such a powerful plant and has so many great qualities. Did you know that sage actually grows wild on the Canadian prairies? It was used by the first nations for ceremonies, […]

Spiced Christmas Pomanders

This clove studded fruit is an excellent Christmas craft for kids and adults! The best part about Christmas Pomanders is that they are a natural way to bring the smell of Christmas to your house. This craft is inexpensive and gorgeous. The first time I made a Christmas Pomander one […]

The Ultimate Gluten Free Pizza

Finally a pizza crust that you can make from home and you don’t need to rely on a mix. This recipe has been adapted from Oats Everyday you can see the original post here.  Usually making a gluten free pizza crust involves a complex mixture of gums, binders, and different […]

Chinese Five Spice…What Is It??

This ancient spice blend has been around for thousands of years and was used primarily in traditional Chinese cuisine. The dishes that use this spice are more traditional dishes than the North Americanized Chinese dishes of chicken balls and chicken fried rice. If you have ever tried Peking Duck than […]

The Benefits of Using Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant which is a root.   It’s commonly used in foods such as curry, mustards, sauces and beverages.  More commonly the root of turmeric is used to make medicine.   Turmeric is used for issues involving pain and inflammation but also has be […]

Ways to use Garlic Pepper

Wondering how to use our Splendor Garden Organic Garlic Pepper Blend? Here are some ideas for making some yummy dishes.   The perfect soup for a cold winter’s day!  This is such a great recipe to make after the holiday seasons with all that leftover turkey.  You can even freeze […]

Surviving Breast Cancer – Pat’s Story

The team at Splendor Garden is an interesting bunch of people and many of us have had our own personal battles with health. One thing you may not know is we have two people on the team who have battled breast cancer. We wanted to share one of those stories […]

Meet our Producer: Mike Weseen, 4th Generation Farmer

Mike is dressed in a t-shirt and jeans with a huge grin plastered across his face, not the typical look of a farmer who is struggling to finish harvest before the snow flies. He invites us to climb up the steps into his combine and we all squish into the […]

Homemade Baby Food

We know that processed foods have many additives like preservatives, sodium, and fillers. Whole foods and minimally processed foods retain more nutrients and are healthier. This is the reason we are all trying to reduce our consumption of processed foods, but why does this theory get thrown out the window […]