Recognizing Local Talent – Featured Artist: Rita Loehr

Meet Rita Loehr. She is the featured artist who painted the fishing scenes on our new Fish ‘N Fry bags. She created three different designs to correspond with three new flavours. All images are inspired by CEO Colleen Haussecker’s family when they visited Saskatchewan’s local lakes. Rita now lives in […]

Supporting Local: Buying Canadian Fish

There are many foods we cannot produce in Canada, that I am not sure I can live without. Coffee and chocolate top the list. We are very lucky to live in Canada because we can grow a bounty of foods like oats, wheat, pulses, and raise beef, pork and chicken. […]

Fishing Trip Planning: Basic Checklist for Beginners

Planning a fishing trip can be difficult for first timers and not knowing what to bring can be a little stressful. The biggest fear is going out on the water and forgetting your gear or important equipment…like your rod! We thought we would help by providing you with this basic […]

Mother’s Day Fun

During these times, everyday shopping can be quite stressful and with Mother’s Day among us, we wonder what we can do to show our appreciation.   Well, here are some great solutions for creating a Mother’s Day they will never forget! Check out these fun Mother’s Day ideas, “Stay at […]

Healthy Movie Night Snacks

Planning a movie night this weekend? With every movie night, munchies and snacks are essential to a night of binge watching your favorite movies and TV shows. It’s trying to come up with quick and easy treats that makes things difficult. You don’t want snacks that contain too much sugar, […]

Herb Infused Honey

Herbs can be used in many ways and sometimes we forgot how versatile they are. Plants contain powerful botanicals and these botanicals are used to flavour foods, in skincare products, and are distilled into essential oils. People have been using the plant botanicals for thousands of years as a medicine […]

It’s About Thyme

Thyme is an essential flavoring in much Western and Middle-Eastern cooking. Unlike most herbs, it withstands long, slow cooking and it enhances other herbs without overpowering them. This makes thyme a must-have spice to have stocked in your pantry.   What thyme is it? Thyme is one of those spices […]

Cooking with Cast Iron

How this Old Fashion Cookware is Making a Comeback Digging through the cupboards of cooks in the 30’s you would have been hard pressed to find cookware not made of cast iron. Cast iron kettles, dutch ovens, and pots were used by the settlers to heat with coals from the […]

Make Your Own Oatnogg This Christmas

OatNogg A Dairy Free Alternative to EggNogg Ahhhh the Christmas holidays are approaching. Usually around this festive time of year we are busy sending out Christmas cards, buying gifts, and planning the Christmas meal. It can be so busy we forget to take time to savour the moments. To enjoy […]

DIY Flavoured Syrup

Have you ever read the ingredients on the flavoured syrups that are used in your favorite holiday beverages? The syrup shots used in your favourite holidays drinks contain a lot of sugar and some questionable ingredients. Natural flavors? Potassium Sorbate? Caramel colouring? No thank you. A great option to avoid […]