A Pantry Staple?

Onion Soup Mix it’s a staple in the pantry and can be added to a dish for instant flavour. Yes, you could actually make onion soup with it, but there are so many other uses! But first you need to make sure your onion soup mix is adding flavour and not additives and preservatives.

 You shouldn’t have to choose between healthy and convenience.

It’s an onion soup mix so the first ingredient better be onions! If you start comparing labels for onion soup mix you will find many surprising ingredients.

Are you cooking for a guest with a soy allergy? Better check the label on your onion soup mix.

Is your celiac mother-in-law coming over for veggies and dip? Don’t reach for the onion soup mix because gluten could be lurking in your onion soup mix too!  

Many onion soup mixes contain a lot of ingredients that do not even resemble real food. Such as disodium guanylate or disodium inosinate. These ingredients do not provide any nutritional value and are an unnecessary source of sodium. We tend to over consume sodium so all sodium sources should be minimized. Besides, what even is disodium guanylate? I don’t think it’s a berry picked from the guanylate tree!

Another common ingredient is corn syrup. Adding a bit of sweetness to an onion soup mix is fine, however most people like being in control of the type of sweetener they are consuming and how much of it.

Then there is the Maltodextrin. Ahhhhh, one of the most tricky ingredients when you are trying to avoid gluten. The debate is ongoing whether this ingredient is actually gluten free. Maltodextrin is used as a thickener and can come from a variety of sources such as barley, wheat, or corn. If you are celiac or cooking for a celiac friend steer clear of this ingredient! 


After you have found a healthy onion soup mix with great ingredients you can use it in so many dishes!

  • Dip - mix onion soup mix with plain greek yogurt and mayo
  • Meat loaf - a staple to any meatloaf recipe
  • Seasoning for shake and bake chicken drumsticks
  • Turkey stew - add to left over turkey and veggies
  • Pulled Pork - a snap in the instapot
  • Beef Roast - throw in potatoes, carrots, and onion
  • Seasoning for roasted nuts
  • Baked green beans - just add sourcream 

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