Ukrainian Scuffles

An absolute Christmas favorite for so many, simply couldn’t go without sharing this recipe this week!! And with cinnamon being the product of the week the timing couldn’t be more perfect!!

#deliciouslyspicier Feisty Frugal & Fabulous – Tenille Lafontaine

Scuffles are one of those holiday treats that have been a part of my family for years. Growing up in a Ukrainian/Romanian family I was doubly blessed with a multitude of delicacies that now &#8211…

Cayenne Pepper Tea with Ginger

Well here’s a different recipe if you’re looking for something to try when looking for a warm drink. Use the Splendor Garden Cayenne Pepper to make this recipe. #deliciouslyspicier

Boost your energy. Loosen up congestion. Looking for a tea that’ll turn your body up a notch? Cayenne pepper tea does just that. It’s very popular as a coffee alternative as the chili pepper helps boost your metabolism. You just feel more energized, all…

Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

One of the major staples in my house is pickled jalapenos, I put them on everything. There are multiple different recipes out there but this is almost identical to the recipe I use and adding the extra spices is key. With our Splendor Garden bay leaves whole. #deliciouslyspicier The Yummy Life

These easy refrigerator pickled peppers are also suitable for canning. Add them to nachos, sandwiches, salads, and more. Great for gifts, too.