Product of the week # 1

This week we have two products of the week. First up is Brown Mustard Seed. It gives us a nutty, fiery, and a hotter taste than the Yellow Mustard Seed. Brown Mustard Seeds are used widely in Indian cooking, especially Bengali and Southern Asian styles.



How to make delicious oven Skewer Kebabs

A delicious way to change up a summer favorite, adding All Purpose Seasoning to your summer Kebab Recipe with this delicious recipe from Snapguide

Gather all your ingredients, you can use different vegetables, these are my favourite :-). I always wash my meat in vinegar and lemon. Add the seasoning, black pepper, all purpose seasoning, garlic powder and a little BBQ sauce. For my meat I used…

Splendor Gardens Product of The Week

All Purpose Seasoning is an excellent salt-free seasoning for veggies, casseroles, meat, poultry and fish. As a rub, brush melted butter or oil on meat and sprinkle seasoning generously on both sides. Pan fry or grill over medium heat, cooking until desired temperature is reached. Thus making this Splendor Garden’s Product of the week.