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Sage enhances pork, lamb, meats, and sausages. #Sage can be used to flavor salads, pickles, and cheese, it is one of the most popular herbs and is Splendor Gardens product of the week.

Salvia officinal A robust and flavorful dried herb with a pungent, slightly bitter taste. Use it in stuffing, soups, egg dishes, and to complement poultry, pork, lamb, sausage, and game.

Health benefits of fenugreek

Fenugreek is an annual plant that is also known as methi in many places of the world. It is native to the Middle and Near East, and is widely used in the Indian subcontinent. It has small round leaves that can be dried, as well as seeds. There is even evidence that the ancient Egyptians understood the benefits of fenugreek, since its seeds have been found in tombs, particularly of Tutankhamen. Organic Facts shares some of the many amazing health benefits of this spice.

The health benefits of fenugreek include relief from anemia, loss of taste, fever, hair care, dandruff, stomach disorders, biliousness, respiratory disorders, mouth ulcers, sore throat, diabetes, inflammations, wounds and insomnia. It is beneficial during…

Splendor Garden product of the week

Fenugreek is an annual herb with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor often described as a cross between celery and maple, making it Splendor Gardens product of the week.
Use fenugreek to season savory meats, such as chicken or pork, and vegetables

An aromatic spice with a bittersweet taste. Use it in curries, vegetable dishes, stews, and with chicken.

Got Hiccups? – Health Benefits of Cardamom

Got hiccups? Charlie Pulsipher at Sunwarrior says to use cardamom. According to health hub this spice has numerous health benefits from aiding with hiccups to blood clots and chest congestion.

It’s well worth adding cardamom to your food for the flavor alone, but these health benefits are also something to consider whenever you break out the spices.

Maple and Cardamom Glazed Carrots

The perfect side … this maple and cardamom glazed carrots recipe from Alyssa at Everyday Maven is sure to be a hit! Make using Splendor Garden #organic #cardamom for that extra flavor punch!

My absolute favorite carrots in the entire world are Nash’s Organic Carrots. They are life-changing carrots and for anyone that lives in the Pacific NW, they are a lucky gift of living here. There is nothing like them – seriously. Yes, I am raving…